Friday, May 28

So Far of the Mark


So I got on this morning and did my AH stuff and got everything posted. Then got on and did some of the rep grinding for Insane and then decided to finish leveling inscription. Logging on my mage I figure I will continue to level to 80 in BGs and so I queued up. 20 minutes later and having a hit a wall to stop me leveling inscription any more I decided to try to get a random run. Waiting the typical 15 minutes for a dps queue I zoned into Utgarde Keep and find my group. Paladin tank, druid healer, rogue and DK for dps plus me. Not a bad group, buff up and off get go. The tank is doing well holding aggro though I did pull a couple times due to starting to early or some lucky crits. The run went great until the final boss.

Now I have yet to figure out why this is so hard because it really doesn't seem that complicated to me. So of course we wipe and the DK drops and we run back getting another DK to fill the spot as we run. Attempt 2 wasn't much better then the first. So far the tank has shown just how unaware they are after all. She would not move out of the spinning axe until at least one dps died. With this wipe the druid healer drops and on the way back we picked up a paladin healer. I also zoned back in at the same time as the tank so I decided to look at their build and what a surprise.

She must have missed the actual point of a tank. Yes you want to be the one getting smashed in the face but you want to reduce the amount that smashing hurts as much as possible. Looking at her spec I realized she only had one point in each of the damage reducing or stamina buff talents in the lower tiers. She didn't even have Hammer of the Righteous which actually impressed me a little due to the lack of threat issues she had during AOE pulls.

I have seen some wonky leveling specs from people that didn't really know what they needed or didn't. But she seems to totally miss the mark on what it takes to be a tank. She didn't spec in a way to max threat or to max survivability. I am not sure what direction she was trying to go or if she just thought put most of them in prot and I can tank. I didn't really look much farther than this because I was so amazed. I also didn't have time to try to give her advice because after wiping a third time she dropped group.

So is this really something that happens often? Do people miss the basic point of roles by this much often? I realize there are a lot of talents and not all make total sense but for the most part a normal person could figure out the things that are worthless for your role, right?


Thursday, May 27

An update about me


First I realize I need to get something up more often and I am gonna work on that. Just been trying to keep my head down at work and have some play time at home when I get there. If I work on what to post and just have to type it out I should be able to more things up with my limited time.

So I finally got my Traveler's Tundra Mammoth that I had been constantly working toward for the entire expansion. It took me this long because of a few times of taking time way from the game and always finding something I felt I needed every time I was getting close. The only thing that kinda sucks about it is that I was only able to get it because of a lucky role in a random on a Battered Hilt. I was able to sell it for just over 20k and I used that to get my mount. So I unfortunately have not been anymore successful at making gold. Still working at it and I haven't given up but I have decided to spend more time on something even I feel to be crazy and cool at the same time.

I have started working on the Insane in the Membrane feat of strength. I have the Buccaneer rep and have gotten half way through friendly with Ravenhold. Now yest I am a long way off yet but I believe that the Darkmoon Fair rep is going to be the most difficult do to my lack of gold making ability. This will not stop me from trying as it will only make it take longer to get there, not prevent me from getting there. One thing I have done to work on this is level my mage in Inscription to be able to work on making decks for myself over time as well. All of the other reps are basically just a lot of grinding which I really don't mind. I also have a plan to deal with the librams being unique so as I don't have to run back and forth when I get them. I am going to stock up on the supplies I need to turn them in and turn them as I am running instead of doing them after I have all the ones I will need to get to exalted.

So everything is going good for me with a lot going and having a goal for a change. Not sure where I will head once this is done but I shouldn't have to worry about it for about a month.

/yes I am insane

Monday, May 17

I just can't figure it out, grr!


So I have been trying to get a gold making business going. Its not going so well for me. I have max enchanting, jewelcrafting and tailoring at the moment. I just got jewelcrafting up there so I don't really have any cuts yet. I am missing a few of the dropped enchants but that's due to my lack of raiding. But for the most part I have what should be a good foundation. But the gems are irritating me and enchanting is expensive to get working. I find selling the crap I pick up to work better for me so far.

Now every goblin I have read says the same thing. Farming is a waste of time and less profitable. Now in a sense this is entirely true but it is based off what you feel time is worth. For me some days I really enjoy just flying around looking for ore nodes. Other days I want to do other things and I cant even find the time for all the crafting process to make the things to sell. Maybe just having enough gold is where I will have to settle but it would be nice to have a surplus of it to do as I like. I just have not been able to find the niche that works for me.

So now I am trying to decide which direction to go with all of this. I suppose I could just level most of the useful professions on my toons and keep my cost down that way so that if need be I would only be paying for material cost. It would also help if I could refuse to loan money to my wife. Loan is a very lose word also as I am not getting back as much as I gave which is my fault for being to nice. All I really want is the tundra mount and when I get close I let someone borrow gold and am back to starting almost over again. I don't think I will ever get that darn mount.

/oh well, could be worse right

Friday, May 14

Mage Update


So I was able to hit level 62 yesterday. This has given me a chance to play a little with each spec in both questing and dungeons. My thoughts,

  • Actually is able to AOE but not as much at a time or as safely as frost can. It basically comes down to Living bomb on everything and then use all of your abilities to keep them as far away as possible for as long enough for them to all die. Its not easy, very mana intense and uses almost everything every pull to keep from dieing.
  • In dungeons the cast times are still very slow. You can spec to get instant Flame Strikes when using Dragon Breathe but this puts you fairly close and aggro is a real problem. Other than that one ability everything cost a lot and Evocation is never off cooldown soon enough. This may be a lack of crit since that's where fires mana regen comes from but at this point I wouldn't suggest fire.


  • By far the best for AOE bar-none for both grinding, questing and dungeons
  • Single target dps is very low even when popping Icy Veins and Elemental and then using Cold Snap to keep both up through entire fight.
  • I will still be using this as my main leveling spec because of the AOE control and survivability


  • Even without having Arcane Blast yet has by far the best single target dps so far!
  • Can be mana intense or no thought of mana depending on Clearcasting procs, just be sure to be at full before a boss fight and you will be able to go the whole fight.
  • AOE I personally have found to be very hard on mana if you try to go all out as well as the tanks tend to have aggro problems in that case. I have been dropping Flame Strike then just single targeting. It keeps up the dps and is sustainable.
  • Rotating Arcane Barrage between Arcane Missiles for Missile Barrage procs is ok but using straight Arcane Missiles is likely better dps at this point. But the first time you get a Barrage proc you will love is so much you will find yourself weaving Arcane Barrage also.
  • I will be using this as my dungeon spec for awhile.

So for now I against fire though if you prefer it that awesome. Its just not my style at the moment. I will likely try it again at some point but I will be sticking to Frost for AOE grinding and questing and Arcane for my dungeon runs.

Tuesday, May 11

Mage Leveling - So Far


So last night my mage finally got to level 58. I had to get off after that so I have yet to take her into outlands to start the massive xp whore that Hellfire will be. I wanted to get my thoughts on the leveling process for me up to this point. I didn't get duel spec until around level 50 and then only to try out other specs to see how they played at this point. My primary leveling spec has been frost and will continue to be so. Now on to my thoughts of each spec up to this point.

  • Awesome mob control
  • Best survivability of all the specs
  • Best AOE damage and grinding capability
  • Average DPS when Icy Veins is up/when it becomes available the elemental helps this a lot, though I didn't glyph it for the frost nova when AOE grinding
  • There is a lot of drinking until you get the replenishment effect


  • Capable Dps
  • Very mana efficient due to Clearcasting and mage armor/shortened Evocate cooldown makes any bad points very easy to deal with
  • Almost no AOE grind availability
  • Using Flamestrike and Blizzard together AOE DPS is just as capable as Frost but more mana intense if Clearcasting procs are not very friendly
  • Mana shield can be talented cheaper but I didn't use it, with proper use of Frost Nova there was no need for it


  • Very long cast times make it feel very slow
  • can kill almost any mob before they reach you
  • very mana intense, will be drinking even more than Frost due to most mana return coming from the crit DOT ticking which it rarely gets to
  • In instances things tend to die so fast you don't have time to really get the DPS rolling even though I would say it has the highest DPS potential at this stage

So as you can tell I prefer frost for just about everything. Even though I have really been enjoying Arcane Missiles in instances. AOE grinding quest is defiantly the most time effective way to go with frost. Arcane doesn't really kill single target any faster than frost at this point. I really didn't care for fire at all. I just felt so so slow with the very long cast times it has.

I will continue to update this list and my feels as I continue to level. I am very excited about getting Living Bomb and Arcane Blast. I want to try AOE grinding with Living Bomb and see if I can make something work. Arcane Blast is what makes arcane viable so I will defiantly be using that for some good massive damage fun.

/breaths a sigh relief

Tuesday, May 4

Raid Leader?


So after last weekend I had been doing some thinking. Would I make a good raid leader and would I even be capable of it? This came about from how our Rotface kill went. Also the help I gave the raid even though I wasn't in with everyone on Saurfang.

I have a decent enough knowledge of all classes and their specs to know what someone could be capable of. This helps in that I can make plans around that knowledge. For intense on Saurfang I knew that shaman and mage combo on one side would work because the mage could burn hard core and the shaman had very good slows and roots to give the mage time to burn. Same with the hunter and moonkin on the other side. I was also able to explain how they each needed to do their burning.

I am able to keep track of most of the room and still do my job. I almost always heal in raids. On Rotface that was no different. I was tank heals and the cleanser. So I took control and called who had the disease so they knew to run and they were also aware of how much time I was giving them.

I know boss fights by watching and understanding videos. This weekend what the first time I had seen either of the Festergut or Rotface encounters. But after the first pull I knew what was going on and who needed help. I learn very quickly and am able to adapt or at least I believe I am.

Now all the previous points would point to me being a great raid leader and possible your wondering why I don't do it. I'm am very impatient. I could not tolerate raiders showing up for raid when they can. I could not handle spending 30 to 40 minutes making sure everyone has flask and food and water. Come prepared and on time or we don't raid is how I feel about it. On top of that I believe you should do at the minimum 2 pulls before a break. I would prefer more but I can see how people need to breath to improve their game play. But breaks wouldn't be as long as you feel like. If any of these were not meet then I would cancel the raid then and there until people understood and started acting what I consider apporiately.

Now I do feel all of those points make for a decent leader. The problem is that the group of people I have been running with do not run like this at all. So I try to just ignore what is going on and maybe alt+tab during the bad parts. I understand that because of that I may not be helping the problem but it seems better than being the backseat driver that annoys everyone because they cant stop complaining all the time.

On top of it all I don't really want to be raid leader. I feel healing is stress enough without the headache of being in charge on top of it. I feel like more of a follower than a leader for the most part. I just get frustrated with the way our raids flow. With the raid leader usually being my wife it would seem simple to just say, hey honey can we do this better? But she seems to like the way her raids go. She prides herself on not being elitist and have a laid back fun raid. I'm just not sure that it is actually fun this way for everyone except a few. Most of us I don't feel really enjoy raiding for multiple hours on end with little progress in one night.

Maybe as she gets a more fixed group of raiders that aren't half pugs every week it will work its self out. But I am not entirely sure it will unless the leaders change the way they treat the raid. Only time will tell for sure.

/hoping everything works out in the wash

An Update


Its been a bit since my last post. I just haven't had many ideas to work with but I'm getting a few finally and will start getting back to it. I am gonna work on updating my progresses and I have a mage leveling guide coming up. I'm really excited about the mage guide. I need to get my mage up a few more levels before I can complete it but I shouldn't take to long.

Over this last weekend I got some ICC raiding in on my paladin. It was fun and yet very frustrating. I'm sure many have felt what we were all feeling over the weekend. We spent on night working on Festergut to finally down him the next night. Then Rotface followed a night later after lots of work. Both were great achievements for my wife's guild. I'm not thinking I am the best raider out there but both kills were painful. The thrill and adrenaline of the kill get you through a few pulls on the next until you realize you may be lucky if you get it down.

It is raids like the this though that remind me why it is I don't care much for raiding. I don't enjoy beating my face against a wall that is only there because of small mistakes. Now I don't believe none of those mistakes are mine but when you see the same problems repeatedly by the same people its frustrating. I also think I could handle that better if we could recover faster. But when there is a five to ten minute break between each pull that has nothing to do with the game I really start to lose it. I don't enjoy spending 6 hours in a raid when we were only actually playing for 3 of it. I am including spirit runs and buffing the the play time. Now some of these delays are me and my wife's own fault for trying to raid with 2 babies in the house. But it still felt excessive to me.