Saturday, February 27

Hello World!

Hello to all out there!
After spending the last month or so searching and reading all the blogs I could I have decided to make my own. My plan with is simply to put my thoughts out there for others to critic and get feed back on.

Now I am no writer so at times my stream of thoughts may only be readable by me but I will do my best to keep things as coherant as possible.

The focus for this blog is going to be anything and everything World of Warcraft related that I have the desire to talk about.

So with all that out of the way how about a little back ground on me. I have been playing WoW for 3 years now. My very first character was a Night Elf hunter. I didnt get here straight to the level cap which at the time was 70. Instead I got to around 40 and then tried several different classes to see if that was really the class I wanted to be playing. After I dont know how many different characters and even different realms I finally settled back to my hunter. Hit 70 and started to try to get into raiding. But by time I got there it was late into BC and my work schedule was all over the place. So I only did a little bit of Kara and a run or to of ZA.
Then they annouced the release of WotLK and I started reading all the cool stuff that was coming with it. The one that hooked me was the paladin changes. I fell in love with the thought and I had an alt that I had prevously worked on some. So I forgo the hunter when Warth came out and leveled my paladin to 80. A leveled up to Outlands as prot and then switched to ret until 80. Once there I went holy. Played her until ToC as my main while still leveling multiple alts ending up with a 80 Shaman. Then switch realms and leveled a Druid to play with some IRL friends that were playing my hours of the day. In order to get my wife into the game more I gave her my druid and yes babies cried for me. But I was able to scrap the money together to move a 65 priest over and she is about to 80.

Wow now that was mouth full. But now you know about me so why dont you leave me a comment about yourself.