Thursday, June 10

Gold! Yeah right!


I realized I ended my last post very abruptly and I will be coming back to it to fill in the parts I quite obviously left hanging. I need to get my thoughts on it more straightened out so that it doesn't get so out of control again.

As for today I wanted to give a bit of a gold update. Its going well but not so well. My epic gems are selling very well but I don't have the supply to keep this going and actually make gold. I am making around 10% gain per sale which is about 13 gold per gem but by time I use that to keep up my supply I am just spinning my wheels. I know I am missing something here and I am closer than I was a month ago to figuring out but I still don't have it and I infuriates me. On the other front of glyphs, this market had me excited at first and now I am down in the dumps about it. It was awesome to see sales but I have noticed that I am only profiting about 100 gold a day on these. I have made a few of every glyph to make sure I am not missing any that sell well at this point. I post twice a day now to but I am not see these thousands of gold people talk about. Only thing I can figure is that being on a high population server I am not able to deal with the sellers already built into the market. Either way this is depressing but I will defiantly stick with epic gems as they are selling well I just don't think I'm doing as well in them as I should be.

/exhales loudly

Wednesday, June 9

My Feelings on Someone Else's Idea


I started reading the blog The Greedy Goblin around the time Gelvon announced he and a group had downed Ulduar in blue gear. I read many of the back post and got to know what kind of blog Gelvon wrote. I unfortunately missed most of the real gold making post he was famous for but I was introduced to a very strong philosophy he has of society and its workings.

Gelvon believes that most people in WoW and even life are M&S or morons and slackers. These people do nothing but bring down the rest of society to level that is not sustainable as a conscience thinking being. This is something I found to very thought provoking. I have spent the last several months keeping up on his thoughts and evidence of this.

Now why would this be worth a post from me who is not nearly as infamous as Gelvon, well, because its my blog and I can if I want. OK, joking aside, his ideas and philosophies have bothered me since I first read them. I have been unable to place the exact reason as to why this is until today. Now I am going to do my best to make my thoughts actually make sense on this so please bare with me.

My problem starts with me trying to fit myself into Gelvon's point of view. Am I a M&S? I don't really do much. I don't strive for the best gear available. I am not progressing very quickly on the gold front. I mostly just play how and when I want whether that is with others or not. So for the most part being a thinking individual who tries to better himself I shouldn't fit into the M&S category. Yet I have doubts there for it is possible still. So I have constantly been trying to fit myself within his definitions.

Then I realized that why am I doing that. It is partly because I don't want to be or believe I really am an M&S. So what is it that is making me feel I need to fit in? Society, it has taught us all are lives to fit into a mold. Now we are lucky in that we can choose what the mold looks like but it is still a mold. It is a way for others to make a snap judgement of us in order to decide if they would ever be interested in socializing with us regularly. Most people can deal with anyone for short periods of time in order to preform the necessities of life, like work for instance. So I have concluded that I don't fit into the mold of the M&S but maybe I could fit into the mold Gelvon says is better than the M&S.

Why is thought that I must fit into a mold where as Gelvon seems to be the one creating the mold? This is where I think the answers all lie, in this question. I have concluded that almost everyone fits into one of two simple categories, leaders or followers. Gelvon is what I would define as a leader. He does not need the approval of others, therefore, he is able to create his own opinions and thoughts. He also is able to articulate these opinions and thoughts in a way that captures the minds of others. I don't believe it would matter much what his opinions or thoughts were because of his hold he is able to create on the minds of others. Where as I would consider a follower. The difference between me and the M&S I believe is I have leader tendencies without the ability to hold others minds. So instead of following the first conscience being I come in contact with I choose who I will follow. I am also able to decide if my current leader is not a good leader for me. After all just because some one is a leader does not mean they are actually good at it or looking after the good of their followers.

The difficult part of this I figuring out where Gelvon's M&S fit into the leader/follower roles. I think it has to do with a follower who has leader tendencies but is unable to realize they are actually a follower. This comes from the delusion that the leader is the one with actual power because of the feeling they get from the leaders words on their mind. While the leader may have the power to hold ones mind they can not control who's mind they will create power over. This is entire up to the follower. The M&S only see that others follow the leader and want that and will do what they feel is need to get that power that they can not actually achieve. This is where all the talk about 'noobs' comes from. People are only noobs if they have not had a good leader to show them how to become better. This comes from M&S thinking they have to put others down and make them feel like less then the M&S to fool themselves into thinking they have power over the other.

So this has gotten a little out of control. I am basically saying that while I am a follower I choose to follow those that can make me ponder something this long and hard. I love being mentally challenged.

/most likely more to come on this

Monday, June 7

Felling Better about Gold


I have not given up on the gold making front even though I felt like I was going backwards the entire time. That is until about 3 or 4 days ago, I have started feeling like maybe I am doing something right finally. It pretty much started with inscription. Seeing all those pretty numbers coming in is nice and after reviewing how I price them they are all profit. I also did the same with jewelcrafting and that is starting to make me happy as well.

I plan to go over how I reviewed my prices and so you can see how I did it and criticize as fits. The basics are that I decided what I was willing to pay for the raw materials and then figured a 10% profit in order to set my minimum sale price. So with glyphs I went and figured that the market price for Ink of the Sea is about 2g 85s. I only want to pay 70% of that so that means I will only pay 2g for IotS. Now one milling of Northerd herbs will give a minimum of 0ne IotS, so I only pay 2g for 5 herbs of any kind. This means I have see my price at 40s per herb and I buy what I can under that price. I have set my minimum to 2g75s to post glyphs and not all of them post but I just don't make more of those until they do but of the ones that do post I am selling most at over 3g actually. A few have sold for way more than that which to me is crazy but I guess people feel they need it now so they pay for it which I love. I have done this same thing with epic gems as well. I need to start looking at minimum prices for titanium as well because I can use the titanium dust still for more cuts which will make epic gems easier to work with.

So I feel after that wall of text I have come a little ways but I know I still have a long ways to go. I need to work on getting tailoring and enchanting up and running with enchanting being much scarier to tackle. I have also spent a lot of gold recently on raw mats for inscription and jewelcrafting but I am sure not that I can make that back over time. It will also allow me to do all the glyphs because up til now I have only been doing ones that are cookie cutter for most classes. I only have 5 cuts for epic gems that I have been using but they are I feel the key ones for most specs. The big key to moving forward will be to get comfortable with the market and start actually watching it instead of just posting at my price and hoping for sales. With a steady income that should get easier though.

/over and out geeves

Friday, June 4

Some Ramblings


Just a quick post of some things going through my head currently.
  • gold making sucks for me, I am not a goblin and am not getting it, its very frustrating
  • guild I am thinking will try to happen, but work may be putting it off for a bit
  • time, there isn't enough for what I want to do, EVER!
  • mage to 80 in the near future because I am so darn close
  • start to think about class guides
  • work sucks, why cant I play a game for a living, oh yeah I cant hack and am to honest
  • I can not get the markets figured out, I know I am putting things up for to cheap on the AH and yet if I don't I cant get any post up
  • yes some of this is kinda the same stuff but really they all take me in different directions

/argh! work, ARGH!

Wednesday, June 2

My idea for a Guild


So over the weekend my wife started her own guild. Things were not working out for her in her old one and along with some like minded friends she is going her own route. With this and all the things going on in the recent past with guilds I have been thinking about what a guild means to me. And also what I would do if I was to make a guild and how I would run it. So today I am gonna go over what I would do if I was to create my own guild.

First and what I believe to be most important is to have a clearly stated focus and goal for the guild. It needs to be something that as the GM you believe strongly in and are willing to defend. It needs to also be something that others can buy into in order to help you both build and run the guild. So for me this would be a guild based around helping others to learn their class. This would mostly be called a leveling guild but the real goal is that everyone at max level would know how to play their class to there best ability. Making the focus of my guild to help others level while teaching them the in and outs of the class they are leveling.

Next a guild need clearly stated rules to run by and to handle issues that may arise during its lifespan. So my list of rules for my guild would be as follows:

  • each account in the guild is only allowed one 80 but as many leveling characters as desired
  • no one is required to drop anything to help others but we are a leveling a guild so helping others is encouraged
  • higher level characters are encouraged to help others powerlevel
  • the class officers will be extremely knowledgeable in their main class
  • any officers will know basic game mechanics and etique

Power leveling will have rules of its own to govern it by. This is not a charity guild, I don't want to just hand things out to others for nothing basically.

  • looting while powerleveling will be set to group loot
  • everyone will pass on all green or greater loot except powerleveler who will select either greed or DE
  • can need on anything that is an upgrade
  • all cloth will be traded to powerleveler of which 2 stack per run will be put in guild bank for leveling of First Aid
  • all greys and whites belong to looter
  • come with empty bags-others will not be responsible for helping you to carry anything

Raiding will not be scheduled unless someone with in the guild wishes to take that responsibility on. Everyone will be free to pug raids if they so feel.

This is a basis of how I would run and start a guild of my own. Would you have any suggestions to smooth out the start up process? Or any other rules that would help to keep from being taken advantage of?

/feed back is more than welcome

Friday, May 28

So Far of the Mark


So I got on this morning and did my AH stuff and got everything posted. Then got on and did some of the rep grinding for Insane and then decided to finish leveling inscription. Logging on my mage I figure I will continue to level to 80 in BGs and so I queued up. 20 minutes later and having a hit a wall to stop me leveling inscription any more I decided to try to get a random run. Waiting the typical 15 minutes for a dps queue I zoned into Utgarde Keep and find my group. Paladin tank, druid healer, rogue and DK for dps plus me. Not a bad group, buff up and off get go. The tank is doing well holding aggro though I did pull a couple times due to starting to early or some lucky crits. The run went great until the final boss.

Now I have yet to figure out why this is so hard because it really doesn't seem that complicated to me. So of course we wipe and the DK drops and we run back getting another DK to fill the spot as we run. Attempt 2 wasn't much better then the first. So far the tank has shown just how unaware they are after all. She would not move out of the spinning axe until at least one dps died. With this wipe the druid healer drops and on the way back we picked up a paladin healer. I also zoned back in at the same time as the tank so I decided to look at their build and what a surprise.

She must have missed the actual point of a tank. Yes you want to be the one getting smashed in the face but you want to reduce the amount that smashing hurts as much as possible. Looking at her spec I realized she only had one point in each of the damage reducing or stamina buff talents in the lower tiers. She didn't even have Hammer of the Righteous which actually impressed me a little due to the lack of threat issues she had during AOE pulls.

I have seen some wonky leveling specs from people that didn't really know what they needed or didn't. But she seems to totally miss the mark on what it takes to be a tank. She didn't spec in a way to max threat or to max survivability. I am not sure what direction she was trying to go or if she just thought put most of them in prot and I can tank. I didn't really look much farther than this because I was so amazed. I also didn't have time to try to give her advice because after wiping a third time she dropped group.

So is this really something that happens often? Do people miss the basic point of roles by this much often? I realize there are a lot of talents and not all make total sense but for the most part a normal person could figure out the things that are worthless for your role, right?


Thursday, May 27

An update about me


First I realize I need to get something up more often and I am gonna work on that. Just been trying to keep my head down at work and have some play time at home when I get there. If I work on what to post and just have to type it out I should be able to more things up with my limited time.

So I finally got my Traveler's Tundra Mammoth that I had been constantly working toward for the entire expansion. It took me this long because of a few times of taking time way from the game and always finding something I felt I needed every time I was getting close. The only thing that kinda sucks about it is that I was only able to get it because of a lucky role in a random on a Battered Hilt. I was able to sell it for just over 20k and I used that to get my mount. So I unfortunately have not been anymore successful at making gold. Still working at it and I haven't given up but I have decided to spend more time on something even I feel to be crazy and cool at the same time.

I have started working on the Insane in the Membrane feat of strength. I have the Buccaneer rep and have gotten half way through friendly with Ravenhold. Now yest I am a long way off yet but I believe that the Darkmoon Fair rep is going to be the most difficult do to my lack of gold making ability. This will not stop me from trying as it will only make it take longer to get there, not prevent me from getting there. One thing I have done to work on this is level my mage in Inscription to be able to work on making decks for myself over time as well. All of the other reps are basically just a lot of grinding which I really don't mind. I also have a plan to deal with the librams being unique so as I don't have to run back and forth when I get them. I am going to stock up on the supplies I need to turn them in and turn them as I am running instead of doing them after I have all the ones I will need to get to exalted.

So everything is going good for me with a lot going and having a goal for a change. Not sure where I will head once this is done but I shouldn't have to worry about it for about a month.

/yes I am insane