Wednesday, June 9

My Feelings on Someone Else's Idea


I started reading the blog The Greedy Goblin around the time Gelvon announced he and a group had downed Ulduar in blue gear. I read many of the back post and got to know what kind of blog Gelvon wrote. I unfortunately missed most of the real gold making post he was famous for but I was introduced to a very strong philosophy he has of society and its workings.

Gelvon believes that most people in WoW and even life are M&S or morons and slackers. These people do nothing but bring down the rest of society to level that is not sustainable as a conscience thinking being. This is something I found to very thought provoking. I have spent the last several months keeping up on his thoughts and evidence of this.

Now why would this be worth a post from me who is not nearly as infamous as Gelvon, well, because its my blog and I can if I want. OK, joking aside, his ideas and philosophies have bothered me since I first read them. I have been unable to place the exact reason as to why this is until today. Now I am going to do my best to make my thoughts actually make sense on this so please bare with me.

My problem starts with me trying to fit myself into Gelvon's point of view. Am I a M&S? I don't really do much. I don't strive for the best gear available. I am not progressing very quickly on the gold front. I mostly just play how and when I want whether that is with others or not. So for the most part being a thinking individual who tries to better himself I shouldn't fit into the M&S category. Yet I have doubts there for it is possible still. So I have constantly been trying to fit myself within his definitions.

Then I realized that why am I doing that. It is partly because I don't want to be or believe I really am an M&S. So what is it that is making me feel I need to fit in? Society, it has taught us all are lives to fit into a mold. Now we are lucky in that we can choose what the mold looks like but it is still a mold. It is a way for others to make a snap judgement of us in order to decide if they would ever be interested in socializing with us regularly. Most people can deal with anyone for short periods of time in order to preform the necessities of life, like work for instance. So I have concluded that I don't fit into the mold of the M&S but maybe I could fit into the mold Gelvon says is better than the M&S.

Why is thought that I must fit into a mold where as Gelvon seems to be the one creating the mold? This is where I think the answers all lie, in this question. I have concluded that almost everyone fits into one of two simple categories, leaders or followers. Gelvon is what I would define as a leader. He does not need the approval of others, therefore, he is able to create his own opinions and thoughts. He also is able to articulate these opinions and thoughts in a way that captures the minds of others. I don't believe it would matter much what his opinions or thoughts were because of his hold he is able to create on the minds of others. Where as I would consider a follower. The difference between me and the M&S I believe is I have leader tendencies without the ability to hold others minds. So instead of following the first conscience being I come in contact with I choose who I will follow. I am also able to decide if my current leader is not a good leader for me. After all just because some one is a leader does not mean they are actually good at it or looking after the good of their followers.

The difficult part of this I figuring out where Gelvon's M&S fit into the leader/follower roles. I think it has to do with a follower who has leader tendencies but is unable to realize they are actually a follower. This comes from the delusion that the leader is the one with actual power because of the feeling they get from the leaders words on their mind. While the leader may have the power to hold ones mind they can not control who's mind they will create power over. This is entire up to the follower. The M&S only see that others follow the leader and want that and will do what they feel is need to get that power that they can not actually achieve. This is where all the talk about 'noobs' comes from. People are only noobs if they have not had a good leader to show them how to become better. This comes from M&S thinking they have to put others down and make them feel like less then the M&S to fool themselves into thinking they have power over the other.

So this has gotten a little out of control. I am basically saying that while I am a follower I choose to follow those that can make me ponder something this long and hard. I love being mentally challenged.

/most likely more to come on this

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