Wednesday, June 2

My idea for a Guild


So over the weekend my wife started her own guild. Things were not working out for her in her old one and along with some like minded friends she is going her own route. With this and all the things going on in the recent past with guilds I have been thinking about what a guild means to me. And also what I would do if I was to make a guild and how I would run it. So today I am gonna go over what I would do if I was to create my own guild.

First and what I believe to be most important is to have a clearly stated focus and goal for the guild. It needs to be something that as the GM you believe strongly in and are willing to defend. It needs to also be something that others can buy into in order to help you both build and run the guild. So for me this would be a guild based around helping others to learn their class. This would mostly be called a leveling guild but the real goal is that everyone at max level would know how to play their class to there best ability. Making the focus of my guild to help others level while teaching them the in and outs of the class they are leveling.

Next a guild need clearly stated rules to run by and to handle issues that may arise during its lifespan. So my list of rules for my guild would be as follows:

  • each account in the guild is only allowed one 80 but as many leveling characters as desired
  • no one is required to drop anything to help others but we are a leveling a guild so helping others is encouraged
  • higher level characters are encouraged to help others powerlevel
  • the class officers will be extremely knowledgeable in their main class
  • any officers will know basic game mechanics and etique

Power leveling will have rules of its own to govern it by. This is not a charity guild, I don't want to just hand things out to others for nothing basically.

  • looting while powerleveling will be set to group loot
  • everyone will pass on all green or greater loot except powerleveler who will select either greed or DE
  • can need on anything that is an upgrade
  • all cloth will be traded to powerleveler of which 2 stack per run will be put in guild bank for leveling of First Aid
  • all greys and whites belong to looter
  • come with empty bags-others will not be responsible for helping you to carry anything

Raiding will not be scheduled unless someone with in the guild wishes to take that responsibility on. Everyone will be free to pug raids if they so feel.

This is a basis of how I would run and start a guild of my own. Would you have any suggestions to smooth out the start up process? Or any other rules that would help to keep from being taken advantage of?

/feed back is more than welcome

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