Thursday, June 10

Gold! Yeah right!


I realized I ended my last post very abruptly and I will be coming back to it to fill in the parts I quite obviously left hanging. I need to get my thoughts on it more straightened out so that it doesn't get so out of control again.

As for today I wanted to give a bit of a gold update. Its going well but not so well. My epic gems are selling very well but I don't have the supply to keep this going and actually make gold. I am making around 10% gain per sale which is about 13 gold per gem but by time I use that to keep up my supply I am just spinning my wheels. I know I am missing something here and I am closer than I was a month ago to figuring out but I still don't have it and I infuriates me. On the other front of glyphs, this market had me excited at first and now I am down in the dumps about it. It was awesome to see sales but I have noticed that I am only profiting about 100 gold a day on these. I have made a few of every glyph to make sure I am not missing any that sell well at this point. I post twice a day now to but I am not see these thousands of gold people talk about. Only thing I can figure is that being on a high population server I am not able to deal with the sellers already built into the market. Either way this is depressing but I will defiantly stick with epic gems as they are selling well I just don't think I'm doing as well in them as I should be.

/exhales loudly

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  1. Dude, im telling you something else you should try is Runecloth. It works for me on our server.