Friday, June 4

Some Ramblings


Just a quick post of some things going through my head currently.
  • gold making sucks for me, I am not a goblin and am not getting it, its very frustrating
  • guild I am thinking will try to happen, but work may be putting it off for a bit
  • time, there isn't enough for what I want to do, EVER!
  • mage to 80 in the near future because I am so darn close
  • start to think about class guides
  • work sucks, why cant I play a game for a living, oh yeah I cant hack and am to honest
  • I can not get the markets figured out, I know I am putting things up for to cheap on the AH and yet if I don't I cant get any post up
  • yes some of this is kinda the same stuff but really they all take me in different directions

/argh! work, ARGH!


  1. lol i felt the same about making gold until i found an awesome way of getting gold ( that is, if your on a horde character):
    -go around the valley in durotatr mining LOTS of copper.
    -Then buy lots of stacks on tin ore (cheaper than bars) for about 13g a stack.
    -Then finally, smelt together and get bronze, then sell it 50g a stack, like 37g profit a time :P.

    Hope That helps!
    Flamestr├Čke, Burning Blade EU

    P.S. id like to know your character/ realm and play wid u some time :D

  2. Thank you for the advice but I have found for the most part I really don't care for any kind of farming anymore. I think it mostly has to do with it taking to much time way from the other things I would rather be doing.
    As far as playing together, that may be difficult as I am on a US realm and as for my character information for most of my characers is on the left side of the page.