Thursday, May 27

An update about me


First I realize I need to get something up more often and I am gonna work on that. Just been trying to keep my head down at work and have some play time at home when I get there. If I work on what to post and just have to type it out I should be able to more things up with my limited time.

So I finally got my Traveler's Tundra Mammoth that I had been constantly working toward for the entire expansion. It took me this long because of a few times of taking time way from the game and always finding something I felt I needed every time I was getting close. The only thing that kinda sucks about it is that I was only able to get it because of a lucky role in a random on a Battered Hilt. I was able to sell it for just over 20k and I used that to get my mount. So I unfortunately have not been anymore successful at making gold. Still working at it and I haven't given up but I have decided to spend more time on something even I feel to be crazy and cool at the same time.

I have started working on the Insane in the Membrane feat of strength. I have the Buccaneer rep and have gotten half way through friendly with Ravenhold. Now yest I am a long way off yet but I believe that the Darkmoon Fair rep is going to be the most difficult do to my lack of gold making ability. This will not stop me from trying as it will only make it take longer to get there, not prevent me from getting there. One thing I have done to work on this is level my mage in Inscription to be able to work on making decks for myself over time as well. All of the other reps are basically just a lot of grinding which I really don't mind. I also have a plan to deal with the librams being unique so as I don't have to run back and forth when I get them. I am going to stock up on the supplies I need to turn them in and turn them as I am running instead of doing them after I have all the ones I will need to get to exalted.

So everything is going good for me with a lot going and having a goal for a change. Not sure where I will head once this is done but I shouldn't have to worry about it for about a month.

/yes I am insane

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