Tuesday, May 4

Raid Leader?


So after last weekend I had been doing some thinking. Would I make a good raid leader and would I even be capable of it? This came about from how our Rotface kill went. Also the help I gave the raid even though I wasn't in with everyone on Saurfang.

I have a decent enough knowledge of all classes and their specs to know what someone could be capable of. This helps in that I can make plans around that knowledge. For intense on Saurfang I knew that shaman and mage combo on one side would work because the mage could burn hard core and the shaman had very good slows and roots to give the mage time to burn. Same with the hunter and moonkin on the other side. I was also able to explain how they each needed to do their burning.

I am able to keep track of most of the room and still do my job. I almost always heal in raids. On Rotface that was no different. I was tank heals and the cleanser. So I took control and called who had the disease so they knew to run and they were also aware of how much time I was giving them.

I know boss fights by watching and understanding videos. This weekend what the first time I had seen either of the Festergut or Rotface encounters. But after the first pull I knew what was going on and who needed help. I learn very quickly and am able to adapt or at least I believe I am.

Now all the previous points would point to me being a great raid leader and possible your wondering why I don't do it. I'm am very impatient. I could not tolerate raiders showing up for raid when they can. I could not handle spending 30 to 40 minutes making sure everyone has flask and food and water. Come prepared and on time or we don't raid is how I feel about it. On top of that I believe you should do at the minimum 2 pulls before a break. I would prefer more but I can see how people need to breath to improve their game play. But breaks wouldn't be as long as you feel like. If any of these were not meet then I would cancel the raid then and there until people understood and started acting what I consider apporiately.

Now I do feel all of those points make for a decent leader. The problem is that the group of people I have been running with do not run like this at all. So I try to just ignore what is going on and maybe alt+tab during the bad parts. I understand that because of that I may not be helping the problem but it seems better than being the backseat driver that annoys everyone because they cant stop complaining all the time.

On top of it all I don't really want to be raid leader. I feel healing is stress enough without the headache of being in charge on top of it. I feel like more of a follower than a leader for the most part. I just get frustrated with the way our raids flow. With the raid leader usually being my wife it would seem simple to just say, hey honey can we do this better? But she seems to like the way her raids go. She prides herself on not being elitist and have a laid back fun raid. I'm just not sure that it is actually fun this way for everyone except a few. Most of us I don't feel really enjoy raiding for multiple hours on end with little progress in one night.

Maybe as she gets a more fixed group of raiders that aren't half pugs every week it will work its self out. But I am not entirely sure it will unless the leaders change the way they treat the raid. Only time will tell for sure.

/hoping everything works out in the wash

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