Friday, May 14

Mage Update


So I was able to hit level 62 yesterday. This has given me a chance to play a little with each spec in both questing and dungeons. My thoughts,

  • Actually is able to AOE but not as much at a time or as safely as frost can. It basically comes down to Living bomb on everything and then use all of your abilities to keep them as far away as possible for as long enough for them to all die. Its not easy, very mana intense and uses almost everything every pull to keep from dieing.
  • In dungeons the cast times are still very slow. You can spec to get instant Flame Strikes when using Dragon Breathe but this puts you fairly close and aggro is a real problem. Other than that one ability everything cost a lot and Evocation is never off cooldown soon enough. This may be a lack of crit since that's where fires mana regen comes from but at this point I wouldn't suggest fire.


  • By far the best for AOE bar-none for both grinding, questing and dungeons
  • Single target dps is very low even when popping Icy Veins and Elemental and then using Cold Snap to keep both up through entire fight.
  • I will still be using this as my main leveling spec because of the AOE control and survivability


  • Even without having Arcane Blast yet has by far the best single target dps so far!
  • Can be mana intense or no thought of mana depending on Clearcasting procs, just be sure to be at full before a boss fight and you will be able to go the whole fight.
  • AOE I personally have found to be very hard on mana if you try to go all out as well as the tanks tend to have aggro problems in that case. I have been dropping Flame Strike then just single targeting. It keeps up the dps and is sustainable.
  • Rotating Arcane Barrage between Arcane Missiles for Missile Barrage procs is ok but using straight Arcane Missiles is likely better dps at this point. But the first time you get a Barrage proc you will love is so much you will find yourself weaving Arcane Barrage also.
  • I will be using this as my dungeon spec for awhile.

So for now I against fire though if you prefer it that awesome. Its just not my style at the moment. I will likely try it again at some point but I will be sticking to Frost for AOE grinding and questing and Arcane for my dungeon runs.

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