Monday, May 17

I just can't figure it out, grr!


So I have been trying to get a gold making business going. Its not going so well for me. I have max enchanting, jewelcrafting and tailoring at the moment. I just got jewelcrafting up there so I don't really have any cuts yet. I am missing a few of the dropped enchants but that's due to my lack of raiding. But for the most part I have what should be a good foundation. But the gems are irritating me and enchanting is expensive to get working. I find selling the crap I pick up to work better for me so far.

Now every goblin I have read says the same thing. Farming is a waste of time and less profitable. Now in a sense this is entirely true but it is based off what you feel time is worth. For me some days I really enjoy just flying around looking for ore nodes. Other days I want to do other things and I cant even find the time for all the crafting process to make the things to sell. Maybe just having enough gold is where I will have to settle but it would be nice to have a surplus of it to do as I like. I just have not been able to find the niche that works for me.

So now I am trying to decide which direction to go with all of this. I suppose I could just level most of the useful professions on my toons and keep my cost down that way so that if need be I would only be paying for material cost. It would also help if I could refuse to loan money to my wife. Loan is a very lose word also as I am not getting back as much as I gave which is my fault for being to nice. All I really want is the tundra mount and when I get close I let someone borrow gold and am back to starting almost over again. I don't think I will ever get that darn mount.

/oh well, could be worse right

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