Tuesday, May 4

An Update


Its been a bit since my last post. I just haven't had many ideas to work with but I'm getting a few finally and will start getting back to it. I am gonna work on updating my progresses and I have a mage leveling guide coming up. I'm really excited about the mage guide. I need to get my mage up a few more levels before I can complete it but I shouldn't take to long.

Over this last weekend I got some ICC raiding in on my paladin. It was fun and yet very frustrating. I'm sure many have felt what we were all feeling over the weekend. We spent on night working on Festergut to finally down him the next night. Then Rotface followed a night later after lots of work. Both were great achievements for my wife's guild. I'm not thinking I am the best raider out there but both kills were painful. The thrill and adrenaline of the kill get you through a few pulls on the next until you realize you may be lucky if you get it down.

It is raids like the this though that remind me why it is I don't care much for raiding. I don't enjoy beating my face against a wall that is only there because of small mistakes. Now I don't believe none of those mistakes are mine but when you see the same problems repeatedly by the same people its frustrating. I also think I could handle that better if we could recover faster. But when there is a five to ten minute break between each pull that has nothing to do with the game I really start to lose it. I don't enjoy spending 6 hours in a raid when we were only actually playing for 3 of it. I am including spirit runs and buffing the the play time. Now some of these delays are me and my wife's own fault for trying to raid with 2 babies in the house. But it still felt excessive to me.


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