Monday, April 19

Yeah, So, Um, Yeah


Yeah so its been awhile since I posted. No really good excuse just been busy with work and playing WoW with my extra time. That and I got caught spending to much time on the Internet at work so I have had to cut way back. And being that is where I do most of my posting it means I haven't been able to much.

In game I have been pretty busy though. Got my mage to level 27 as of last night and did my first ToC and ICC runs over the weekend. Got a shield upgrade off Lord Marrowgar. Which I was very happy about and got to friend with Ashen Verdict so that was a ring upgrade. With the Frost Emblems for ICC I am only 4 away from being able to get my T10 chest piece. So my holy set is coming along very nicely.

So with up dates done on to something more interesting. Yes I know I didn't mention the project because its probably a very good idea for someone else. I just don't know that I have what it really takes to pull that off. Mostly I am now using the excuse of a lack of time. Anyway moving on, I got to the point over the weekend of refusing to do randoms with strangers. It was bad, I had two groups in Pit of Saron that I was put into to heal the last boss only. Neither one could get him down. After wiping enough times to go completely red I called it quites. I'm not one to usually whine and cry about crappy players but it was crazy. I had a perfectly good tank quite group because they thought they weren't geared enough when he was second on dps. I don't know how long it was but I could drain all my mana twice is how long the fight was taking before I would get gibbed by bad placement or luck and we would wipe. But it is what it is and I have moved on to greener pastures. Ok not really greener but I can get back into the fray and be ok.

And now I am at a loss. Need to find something cool to talk about for the future. Maybe I will work class write ups or something. Cause I am sure my constant blabbing about what I am doing isn't that fun.

/over and out


  1. Well I find it interesting and I know I have a great source of information to come to for any questions. Thank you for all the time and the updates.

  2. I would be interested in your writings about different classes :) I enjoy your way of writing!