Wednesday, April 7

The Start


So it has started! The Cataclysm news is starting to roll out and beta invites are being sent to press. I loved keeping up with the news of things to be as Wrath was developing. Its what got me into leveling my paladin. So far they have only released previews on Warlocks and Shamans but this is shaping up to be even more dramatic than Wrath was. Not only are the redoing Azeroth but they are making some pretty big mechanic changes. I'm so excited about all of it.

Now I feel there is enough info out there and I don't want to regurgitate all of it over and over so I will only be hitting on the major stuff that makes me jump up and down and scream like a little girl. Wait I just said I wasn't regurgitating everything I read. Regurgitate, that's something only birds so do and its just nasty even then. *shiver* Um yeah so I guess I will just keep it to a minimum then. The things I am really excited about are the new secondary profession and the Path of the Titans. Also am very interested in how the guild talent tree thing is going to work. So far though there is no new information on those just class changes.

Project Update: Um, yeah, haven't really thought about it a lot. I think I may spend the weekend collecting and filing bookmarks for the various information needed for each class and spec. That will likely take up my weekend all with my play needs. So I likely will not be helping anyone this weekend but maybe I will try out my macro a couple times. After all if I only use it a couple times and get even one hit then I may very well be headed in the right direction. I don't believe I will ever be able to devote hours to sitting in a city spamming a macro though.

/must think of something actually interesting

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