Wednesday, April 7

Family and Warcraft


So I have noticed something over the last couple days and maybe even weeks. Warcraft is becoming a central part of my family. Not just the time spent playing every day but the people we have meet through the game. We talk to many of these people outside of the game. We also spend a lot of time on the game. The later is something that I am a little worried about. I don't want to have to give up WoW because I really do love this game. But I am starting to see negative effects of it on my family.

Me and my wife are not give all the appropriate attention to my son. My daughter isn't really old enough to be to effected at this point. But with my work schedule and gaming and weather I barely see my son. He is lashing out both physically and vocally. He has a bit of a hitting problem that I am not sure how to stop and hope he will grow out of. He has also started to growl when he doesn't approve of our reaction to him. Both of which don't seem proper for his age to me.

I need to find a way to interact with him while teaching him the things parents are to teach their children. Since most of our time is spent together at night or very early morning getting outside is very difficult. I believe we may need to work on getting him into computers with us so that he can play with us instead of being upset that we aren't giving him the attention he wants. Thing is he is only 2 and doesn't understand what we are doing yet. I need to find something much simpler that will also help him to develop but keep his interest for more than 5 min. I get that kids don't have really long attention spans but getting him to be more independent is really what I am after.

Am I admitting to being a bad parent? I don't believe so. One of the hardest jobs any person can ever undertake is raising another human being. No one does it perfectly or know the perfect way to do it. After all we are all different even at the moment of birth. So there is nothing perfect about being a parent. I believe that as long as I aim to do the right thing by my children and teach them what I know about life then they will grow up to be capable of living a well adjusted happy life. I am learning this job as I go and I will trip and fall flat on my face often but I will also pick my self up and keep on trucking.

So my solution to my current problems my not be the best possible but I feel they fit my situation the best. Allowing my son to do what mommy and daddy do will allow him the attention he craves and us to do what we want as well. Any know of a 2 year old version of WoW?



  1. Oh dude, I hear ya. My 2 year old just had a week with Granny and after that it's a meltdown every time mommy has to do something that is boring like "cook dinner" instead of playing with her.

    I usually don't play computers while she is awake, but I have given her some computer-like things to play with. An old keyboard, for example. Also, there are quiet activities that he could do while you're playing. You could put a "baby table" in the computer room with drawing supplies on it.

    Still, I have to repeat, I'm pretty much unable to play while she's awake. I can do an odd item or two. If I want to do something that I can't just abandon, I have to make sure that husband is equipped to take care of the kidlet while I do that. If I'm at the computer she demands attention. Or she wants to sit on my lap and have me play cat videos on Youtube.

    Cutting back on WoW to post bedtime is hard, but doable. You will be able to get most of the stuff you want to do done - and you'll just have to abandon the more grind-y time consuming crap.

  2. One of our biggest issues with it all is our living schedule. I work from 6pm to 430 am M-F and the rest of my family has adopted my schedule as well. So there is no post-bed time for me. And compared to when I was unemployed I have cut way back on my playing. But there is no such thing as enough attention for him so we both get very frustrated by the constent whining.

    Now I its not all bad, we have some very good moments. For instance he loves to run mommies kitty and LaLa(mammoth) around Dalaran or anywhere really. That can last a hour or more. But he does not yet understand in a minute or that sometimes we dont want to be desturbed and to go to the other parent. Because of this I have basically given up anything besides the weekly raid.

    More just trying to find a way to make everyone happy. He gets attention while I get to play my game also. No easy solution to that.