Monday, April 5

I am a Chicken


Hope everyone had a wonderful and eventful Easter weekend. I my self spent it mostly at home with my family. We were supposed to go out Sunday and do the family thing but I ended up in bed all day with a stomach bug. Did get caught up on some needed sleep though.

Spent a lot of time playing over my three day weekend as well. Got a couple more levels on my rogue but mostly focused on my paladin. Did lots of randoms and 5-man ICC runs looking for emblems and loot. Worked on the Noblegarden achievements and only have one left. Which by the way is the hardest because who really wants a female orc toon? I mean really this one shouldn't be part of the list. Its crazy. But really it was a good weekend over all. Also I got the weekly raid done on both my paladin and my priest. This seems to be the only reason I log on my priest now. Well other than making bags. The last two weeks I have DPS on her and I really enjoy it. I am considering working on a DPS set for her so that maybe I will play her more. Time will tell.

So for the report on my project. I didn't work on it at all. Um, I basically chickened out. I wasn't sure I was really ready to start. I mean the idea I believe is solid but the hard part is the knowledge. After all that is what I want to sell and on some classes I have it. If I don't know it right away I know right where to go to get it. But with others I am sketchy about the information needed. I just don't see how someone would want to pay for "Ok what is your class? Alright give me 30 min and I should be able to help you." I mean will someone really wait for me to do the research? Is it reasonable to tell some one meet me back here same time next week and I will be able to help you? So yes I still have a lot of work to do on this. Maybe I need to figure out what I need to do to prepare for it more so I feel I have the needed information at hand. I suppose that will be my weekly project.

/growing balls now

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