Wednesday, March 31

Plans Unfolding


So I spent a night contemplating what all I need to do to get this idea off the ground and running. Had some great help with ideas and direction from some great people. And I believe I can work on getting some testing done this weekend.

One of the big hang ups I have had has been on the payment front. How much do you charge for this? And how do you go about getting that gold without constantly being ripped off and waisting time? And after some discussions I think I have to come to some conclusions that mostly make sense. In order to find an apporiate price I am going to offer my services for tips for a few weekends. See what others in the community feel this kind of service is worth to them. And after I have a price that would be fair for my server I could do something like half up front and the the rest after the session.

Another thing I was working out was how much time do you spend with someone that doesn't feel to long but is adequate to get the amount of information needed to the player. I had 20 minute intervals suggested and that feels like a really good number at the moment. Now of course time will tell as to weather that is enough or to much but I feel its a good place to start.

Lastly I wasn't sure how the player base would react to something like this. Would advertising in trade get me flamed to the point people would be afraid to contact me? The suggestion made to me on this was to start in Stormwind or Ironforge general chat. The idea behind this is that I'm not putting myself out to the majority of the asshats of the game. This is also a good place to get newer players just getting started and players that are not as comfortable. Now I am worried that going with a smaller area in this way will limit my reach to a point that I feel failure. I do believe that it may be the best place to start though. If there isn't enough reaction this way I can always expand outward which is easier then going smaller.

So in a nut shell I'm going to spend most of my weekend in Stormwind trying to sell my knowledge. I am going to be working for tips to try to determine if this is even a market and if it is how much this market is worth. Wish me luck and provide any advice you may have.

/starts wheels turning

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