Wednesday, March 10



Only got on long enough to do one random with my priest for my frosties last night. Interesting run though I must say. It was Utgarde Pennicle, and I had one guildy with me. The tank waited just long enough for me to buff and was off with me at half mana. First thought is this will be fun, OK so it was more like I hope this is fun and not nearly as painful as I'm sure it will be. After the first pack at the stairs are down the tank runs off to the next room. As I turn to follow I see an ominous lightning bolt shot to the abomination left in the room. So I stop thinking the tank will realize the healer isn't there and come back to pick them up. Yeah, no such luck, he pulled the group in the next room while my ret paladin guildy proceeded to tank the abomination and his friend. And instead of realizing we were in the other room and coming in so we could get them all down and I could try to heal everyone, him and his DPS died while I saved the rest of us. He made some rude comment I didn't bother to remember and left group. So he took a 15 min debuff because he wasn't paying attention. Got a new tank and everything went great the rest of the way. It just amazes me, yes you may be able to get quick ques as a tank but not if you have debuffs up. Oh well got my frosties and didn't die once so really no complaints just kinda found it funny.

I also found out last night that I love replenishment. I currently have 22k mana and with it I don't even have to think about it. I love it so much. It allows me to bubble all I want and I love me some bubbles. Pretty bubbles everywhere makes me happy. Just ask my wife, when I'm running with my pocket pally I sit in front of my screen muttering, bubbles tehehe bubbles, over and over to myself.

Also decided to round out my last character on this realm as a shaman, so I started her last night. Now she is only level 3 but I now have one of every class on this realm. Yes I have to many characters. This makes my second full realm, but I really enjoy the first 20 levels. And with heirlooms it seems more like its the first 30 now. The levels just go by so fast. I do enjoy just getting on one of them and just making stuff dead, and leveling professions, and gathering, and just playing without the thought of I need to get to this or do this. Wow long sentence, anyway, there is something to be said for just playing. I have pretty much given up on the thought of progression raiding ever so this is what I'm left with.

/random off

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