Monday, March 22

My Main is Back!


Over the weekend I broke down and transferred my 80 holy/whateveriffeellike paladin over. Its so nice to have my original back and playable. So now I am working on gearing her up with all the new instance stuff and Triumph Emblems. So instead of being focused on my alts for a bit I will likely be focusing on her. Now I'm honestly not sure if this part makes me happy but at least I can feel like I'm progressing for a little bit. After all who doesn't like to have a holy paladin in the group. The only thing that is hard is to decide what route I want to take. Should I work on my holy set until its done? Or should I work on my ret or prot set? Or should I try a new spec I found that looks like lots of fun?

The day before transferring her over I found some articles on healing as ret with sheath of light. This sounds very good to me. I think going in as a healer and keeping everyone up while holding 2k DPS on bosses would be a blast. Not sure how exactly to do it other than the gear. Or at least I think I know what gear I need to use. Its gonna kinda be a work in progress but I am gonna try it. I mean after all its only gold to respec and build multiple gear sets. So I will be trying this out and letting everyone know how it goes.

While being bored waiting on my wife I qued and did a battleground. She got back as I was finishing up and asked what it was. She hadn't done a battleground before so she signed us up and we went in as a group. She had a blast and we started working on pvp sets with the honor she had build up from some WinterGrasps. I think we are also gonna start an arena team and give that a whirl. Only thing is that this makes me need to possibly switch specs a lot which I'm not sure I am ready for. But if I go with the ret healing spec maybe I can make that work. Just not sure how just yet. Will have to work on it to see what works. It will hopefully be fun to try something new and work out kinks as we go since neither of us really knows pvp well.

/over and out

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