Friday, March 19

Sort of Wow


Warcraft is a social game for the most part. Yes you can play by yourself but eventually you come to a point where you really do have to get into a group of other people and interact. Now this isn't a problem for me really but I wanted to share some personal thoughts on this. I have been playing at the level cap for about 3 years or so now. Yes I have usually had a guild to play with. But I have never felt a part of a guild or even most the time a part of the group.

Now I'm not crying about this because this is kinda how I am. I have done many social group things in my life but I have never felt like I was really on the in circle. I have always been that one person who everyone knows and is OK with but never been with the in crowd. When I think about it I see myself as the person just outside the circle of friends with their heads leaned together talk about something intensely. I am always moving around, and jumping up and down trying to catch as much information about what going on as to still consider myself part of the group. But never have I allowed to have my head in the circle talk with everyone. I always get my opinions in but always through one or more of the in people.

I read several of the Warcraft blogs and a lot the bloggers talk about how they are a part of the family they call a guild. As I read those I get a little jealous because I don't believe I will ever have that. Now this may be something I do to myself because I don't want or know how to be that close to people I don't really know. But everyone makes it sound so nice and I feel I do have a lot to offer others that I get a little down when I realize where I am again. That guy we bring with us cause hes not that annoying even though we don't really want to be bothered with him.

So enough with my depressing thoughts and back to alt news, played my warlock last night and got to level 19. Her DPS is climbing and now showing up as competitive which makes me feel gitty inside. I cant decide what I want to work on tonight though. Should I use up the rest on my hunter or my paladin. I still really wanna bring my 80 paladin over to my current realm so not sure the paladin leveling is smart. I could get my shaman up 2 levels to make questing with my wife easier. I do know I want to avoid my priest for a little bit. Just not feeling the love for her right now. Mostly just feeling like avoiding people though that is harder now with my wife playing.

/personal QQ off

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