Thursday, March 11

Helping is Rewarding


Did a few randoms last night but that was not the highlight of my night. A couple good things happened. First the paladin I was having a hard time figuring out got to go to ICC last night. And I heard that he doubled his single target DPS over what he was doing before. Now I don't have hard numbers which would be nice so we could keep him improving but it looks like he has his raid spot back which is the best part. I'm very happy to have been able to help. And I will continue to help him to keep him in his spot. Also I got to do several parses on the dummy with my hunter friend. I'm so happy cause he has improved by about 1500 DPS since our last session. And I had been doing some reading on ArP and had him drop his Arcane shot and got him another 300 DPS last night on the dummy. This is what it is all about. This is why I play now.

Also I'm getting incoming request for help from more and more people. So I have set up a email for them to get hold of me with their info so that I can do my best to get the info I need to help them the best I can. I also think I'm getting into the theory crafting side of things as well. Which is an interesting thing cause the numbers get so confusing when your staring at them but I understand the point of them. Its just nice to be able to pass on all that hard work others do to people who have a need for it.

As for myself I took my disc gear I am working on and used my crummy shadow spec while doing the parses with my hunter friend. So I have like no hit and only 4 purples currently but I was able to start at 2200 DPS and over 3 runs improve it to 2700 DPS. I'm so happy with that cause I find shadow DPS very difficult. I don't like how long it takes to ramp it up at all so heroics make me look incompetent. But the possible output is there which makes me very happy.

And last for today, my wife is continuing to improve everyday. She is now pushing around 4800 DPS on the dummy. She is a little upset with her raid progress but she is taking the control and working on making her own raid team. Now I'm not sure she is aware of the work that can be but I am hoping for the best with it. She deserves to get in there and get the experience and loot.

/rambles out

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