Wednesday, March 3

Just an update


Ran my first heroic last night on my priest. Went in as DPS though so that I wouldn't have the stress of trying to keep someone alive. Not sure I'm ready for that yet. Not in the over geared world we live in today anyway. My DPS was pretty pitiful but no one said anything. I think I ended up around 1500 overall. A lot of that I know is because I am no where near the hit cap. And shadow DPS really isn't that great with low level gear as far as I can tell. Oh and I find shadow DPS to be very unfriendly. I think on boss fights I have a bit of a handle on it but I really think I could do as much DPS making Frostweave bolts on trash. And heroics being 95% trash makes me feel like I'm banging my head against the wall and throwing mana into the air for nothing. So over all it was a good experience with many more to come.

After that I tried to work on my Lunar Festival achievements. Need to do Kalimador Elders and the dungeon elders on the continent. Then the elders of Norhtrend after that. Thought I would see what the Omen guy was like since I was in Winterspring and I some how lost my invitation so I cant port there. Didn't realize he was a level 83 boss until after the second catastrophic death. Did figure out though that his health doesn't reset. So I gonna try to get a guild tank to come beat the snot out of him while I heal them. Don't feel it will be to difficult. So hopefully by Sunday I will have them all done.

The Lunar Festival is the start toward my proto drake cause even though I have been playing all through WotLK I have never stayed with one character for more than 6 months to be able to get the achievement. If I do nothing else with my priest she will have that drake. You heard it so you can hold me to it.

On another front my wife was finally able to get her druid to her own account now so we can play together. And the best part of all is that my UI settings wont be changed every night when I get on to play anymore. I know it's sad that I find that to be so exciting and almost worth dancing around the room for, but I do.

/ramble off

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