Tuesday, March 2

News and Questionable Healers

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to play last night on my priest so no new gear for her. But I did work on a lowly shaman I started. Got to level 8. So nothing real exciting to report at this point.

But I did find out last night that our guild is building a new web site and I am getting my on section on the forums. They are making the class guru. Basically I will get to look up and find out the answers for others that they can't figure out about their classes. I'm excited for this actually. I have already been able to help our hunter and ret paladin get their specs straightened out and gear better itemized. Was able to bump the hunters dps up about 1500. Haven't gotten a lot of feed back from the paladin yet to know for sure how much I helped.

Some awesome news from the PTR is that frozen orbs are tradable for useful things now. This will be great as long as your rolling need on them. And to think I had been selling all the ones I picked up cause I had no use for them, ugh! The thing that has got me though is that on the PTR they are tradable for Frost Badges but I haven't seen this anywhere else. No one has listed Frost Badges and its bothering me. Did everyone miss this? Is it not gonna go live even though everyone on the PTR seems to think so? Seems like to big a news to just skip over to me.

Guess we will just have to wait and see what actually happens with this. If it does go live I for see people not just running there one random a day for there Frost Badges. It might actually be a good thing other than all the tards in LFG.

One last thing on my mind for tonight is about the LFG system. Was listening to my wife run a couple randoms as dps on her druid. Now normally she heals but she is trying to get experience as moonkin so she can dps in raids. So she has a preconceived notion as to how someone should be healing and especially if they are druids as well. Which both of the ones I saw just happened to be. So I'm sitting across the room and I hear our guild over vent ask what happened, he is dead. He didn't get any heals, there was plenty of time to heal him, so he thought. Now granted I didn't get up and go watch at this point or any point during their run, I just listened. A few minutes later my wife starts yelling into vent about how the healer sucks, hes not healing how he should.

The interesting part to me was I looked at her screen as she was inspecting him. I caught a glimpse of I think pants that were likely ungemmed tier gear. What I found interesting was my reaction. I thought to myself, cause I wasn't going to start an argument over it, maybe he is gearing up and hasn't been able to buy or get his guild to gem his gear yet. And with that maybe they need to cut him some slack and watch their aggro and there own health. He might not be over geared like my wife and able to afk heal. At about this point our guildy says something to the effect of "I'm dps, I shouldn't have to watch my own health, he is so bad at healing, ugh!"

OK so my paraphrasing sucks but you get the idea.

And I think since when is it not the dps's job to watch their own health? I mean how are you supposed to know that your taking unnecessary damage if your not watching your health? I can I try to change this thought process within my own guild? I mean if I let them die they likely wont let me into raids cause I suck and they will be mad at me and who wants that friction. But will they really understand if you tell them they are wrong?

My random thoughts for today.

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