Thursday, March 18



So I didn't go into work last night and stayed home with the wife and kids. I got to play with my wife all night and give the kids baths. It was a good night overall. The guild was trying to put together a 25 man to see if they could pull it off. Problem is the raid leader forgot it was Saint Patties Day so not as many people were on or signed up. So we pugged in a few people and made something work, well kinda work. He choose to do 25 man ToC which I hadn't been in yet. I also have never actually done any raiding on my priest. So I'm not real confident on how to work her and then he was gonna have me on raid healing which I really have no idea how to do with the disc priest. So needless to say it didn't really go so well. Now I feel slightly at fault for not understand so much but I also know I'm putting to much pressure on myself. Didn't help I was the lowest geared person in there with half my gear still blues. So when they called it and decided to do the weekly raid that I had already done I went over to an alt.

Now it did suck having to listen to vent while my wife did the weekly with the guild but I was able to get my rogue to level 17 from 13. I don't like how it feels I don't have the time to get to where I need to be to raid. Or even worse, that if I was I still couldn't go because I have to make a living. Now I understand a game shouldn't come before providing for my family but I enjoy playing. And because of how much I enjoy it I'm not enjoying work at all. I suppose getting to hear the stories from my wife doesn't help me with this problem much. So I have been resorting to trying to help others in the game which in turn doesn't really help me feel better. I will get it all figured out but its not as easy as I would like.

So my plan is to get as many characters as I can as close as I can to the level cap. I want one of each class there. I don't believe I can get one of each class to 80 by the next expansion but they will be close enough to get to 85 not long after it hits.

/whining off

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