Thursday, March 4

It's a Thrill


When I got home from work I got on last night to find out our network was being a pain and couldn't get into a random. So I worked on my Lunar Festival some more, got Omen down thanks to 3 wonderful guildies. Yeah 4 manning a raid boss was funny.

So while running around hunting elders after that some one got on and asked my wife what her spec was. She was afk so I answered that she is moonkin for her. He was looking for info to get his DPS up. Wanted to know what his crit rating should be. So I told him about the stat priority he should be looking for. He was miss informed that crit was better than spell power and was going to gem straight crit. Once we got that all straightened out I told him to meet my wife who was back at the dummies and see what he was doing. While he was doing that I jumped over and looked at his gear and spec. Both were pretty good, maybe some small improvement here and there but nothing game breaking. With him beating on the dummy and telling me his rotation as he went I found his problem. He was miss interrupting the Eclipse tool tip. He was thinking that the benefits listed were to his crit to increase his chance to procs. He had been switching back to Wrath straight after a Lunar proc, meaning he was waiting 15 secs plus how long it took to proc Lunar again before another proc. So I explained the rotation I have been working on my wife with and low and behold a 600 DPS increase.

So I'm finding quickly that I'm loving this. I really like taking my knowledge and passing it on to others who either don't have the time or the direction to find the information. I chatted about what I had done with my wife for like 2 hours afterward I was so happy with myself. So now I'm looking up tweaks for 3 people to inch that DPS up bit by bit.

The only thing about it so far that is maybe a negative is that while telling our fellow guildy what he need to be doing I was saying it all with total confidence. Only thing is there are some things I am not totally positive of and after doing some quick research I have found that telling him crit is always better than haste after the soft cap is not true. They are actually about equal. I will fix this tonight when I see him by telling him what I found. And I suppose that will make it all OK. But is wrong to act that way? Should I have been up front with him about my feelings? Am I reacting correct in checking myself and informing him of my findings?

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