Monday, March 8



Had the weekend off from work for the first time in quite some time so I spent it with my family. Did get to play a little but was more worried about getting to spend time with my son. Little guy has learned to climb and get into everything in the kitchen. Feels like I'm missing so much because of my work schedule. But have to keep the bills paid so I will keep going.

On to WoW, was able to do a bunch of heroics on the priest thanks to some guildies. Our tank was having a blast watching his damage taken meter. I'm thinking of working on a train exercise for everyone that requires fighting for lowest spot on the damage taken meter. Teach people how to keep DPS up while staying out of the nasties. Of course the tank gets a bubble but everyone else would have to fend for themselves. Now I'm not sure it would work but it does sound like fun anyway. And trying to make heroics fun is always a challenge for everyone. Maybe even do an overall kinda thing, average place on DPS, damage taken, and healing received meters. How do you think it would work?

On the alt front, I have started a warlock with my wife. She is leveling a paladin. She has always liked the paladin class, and now that she is more into the game and has people to play with she wants to give leveling a chance. And I think its great cause I have yet to get a warlock over level 20. So we can both move into new territory together. I'm also gonna try something completely different with this character. Normally I would spend the next 2 or 3 days researching everything I could about the class. This time I'm gonna just try playing it and learning as I go. The only thing about it that compromises this plan a bit is I have worked on a warlock a little before but my memory on goes as far as Affliction being a good leveling spec. Which makes since with siphon life and the drain life boost. Though demonology might end up being better to buff my blueberry for tanking for our motley little group. Will have to try it all and let everyone know how it all works out.

/brain off

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