Monday, March 15



Had a fun weekend with the wife and kids. Played a little on most of my characters. And generally just relaxed.

There was supposed to be a raid with the guild Saturday but the leaders were not on for unavoidable reasons. So my wife decided to take the 8 or so people on and put something together. Got everyone together and decided to go to Eye of Eternity. Why we decided on this I'm still not sure. I had only been there once and only 2 people had the key. I think only one maybe 2 people had actually even downed Malygos. I think things would have been smoother and even more enjoyable had we done something everyone was more familiar with but I guess that's for next time. So basically it was me who was probably close to appropriate gear level and a very well geared driud healing. Not knowing the raid we brought 2 tanks to find out we only needed one and not wanting to be mean and having plenty of DPS without them we just did 2 tanks. The first 2 attempts went really well until the drake phase. And basically no one knew what to do. Between both healers not sure how to use the drakes yet and not keeping good track of the sparks phase 3 didn't last long. After that the group started having problems getting it done. Think it was just one of those, we want something quick and fun, and it wasn't quick or fun so people lost the drive to do it.

An exciting thing did happen for me just before the raid while working on my rogue alt. I got asked to sign a guild charter for someone who wanted to start there own guild. And being a founding member I got made an officer. This to me is just the coolest thing ever. I have never been an officer before though I think I am capable of it. Just never got in with the right people before. So my new guild leader said that all 80 mains and such would be more than welcome to any raids and that he would help out whoever wanted it. And with my wife putting that raid together I decided to see who I was playing with and we brought him in as one of the tanks. This being why I didn't ask him to switch specs though I probably should have. He seems like a really cool helpful person. I'm excited to see where my rogues guild goes and my roll in it. Now I really have a even better reason to work on leveling her up to 80.

Also got tired of trying to get my wife to play on our alts together so I went by myself and put 4 levels on my warlock. I am loving running around on her. I did do a few randoms with her once I got to 15 and was a little under impressed. I have been doing affliction so far and love the drain life spell. Give me your health peon! But the DPS is kinda blah even with full heirloom. The equal leveled hunter was smashing me on the meter. But I am sure that will change with time, well at least I hope so. It may just be I am not good at DOT classes, but only time will tell.

/had more to say than he thought

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