Thursday, March 11

Helping is Frustrating


So I got to run several randoms on my priest last night and other than one idiot tank it was smooth and fun. Ran with the best and funniest hunter pretending to be a paladin. It is so much fun running and playing with other people you can talk to and laugh about things with. I have never really been apart of that side of the game. Yes a RL friend got me involved but our schedules never matched and he was always farther along doing things with the guild I wasn't ready for. I'm not the most social person but I still enjoy it. Especially when the other people are so easy to get along with. And I have been finding myself only really playing when I have someone to play with which is a change for me. Not thinking its a bad change, just different.

With this I have been helping others with there DPS. I currently have a ret paladin I am working with that I cant figure out. Got his spec straightened out and the proper glyphs. I have explained the proper rotation, and even have parses from the test dummy now. But some how I cant pin point where he is falling short. It has me very frustrated. I even went over to my other realm and respeced my forgotten paladin and put her ret gear back on. It sucks completely, blues and some tank gear still. Only has 2 pieces over 200 ilvl. Yet on the dummy I'm only about 700 DPS short of the paladin I'm working with. He is teir 9 and equivalent gear. I even took to explaining to my wife how easy it was, just put the buttons on the numbers in order of importance and roll your finger over them. I only lost 100 DPS doing this. Now 100 DPS is 100 DPS and at the level I am about 5 % of my DPS but still for just literal face roll that is to easy. How does this not work for my ret friend? Is there more I am missing? I have been trolling through the Elitist Jerks forum and have learned some nice things but nothing that would really change anything as drastically as he needs. I will get this figured out, but I don't yet know how or when. Hopefully soon since he is being sat out of raids til he gets his single target DPS up.


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