Tuesday, March 16

First Raid


Was able to do I guess my second raid actually. But it felt more like the first to me. The weekly for me was Noth, the Plague Bringer. While running through Ironforge on my rogue alt I saw in trade that people were asking for groups. And after having some fun with someone asking for gearscore by trying to get my level 12 rogue in I decided to get it done for Emblems on my priest. So I jump over and low and behold no one is asking for people anymore. It's all just people looking for a group. After hanging out for a bit someone in trade decided to take everyone LFG and put a group together. Not even 10 min later I had 5 of each Emblem. The best part was that Noth wasn't able to break my bubbles on the tank. It was funny and I wanted to do it some more. But alas it was just a group to get that boss and go on about every ones business.

Figured after that very successful run to do my daily random as well. It went very smoothly and all was good. Then for reasons that must be crazy I decided to do another for Emblems so I can get some heirlooms for my army of alts. Zoned into Old Kingdom and this group was fail in the biggest way. Now we did not wipe but man we should have. Had a prot paladin tank that had 49k health. First seeing this I thought, well this should be simple enough. But after the first set of pulls I knew it was gonna be a white knuckle ride. I haven't even seen a DK's health yo-yo that bad since like level 70. And yes his gear was defense gear. So we pushed through to final boss with me saving no less than 4 wipes because of people standing in hellfires or whatever the bad crap on the ground is. And with the final boss I realize how very bad the group was. I will get the screen shot up later but I as the healer was second on DPS and first out of the Insanities. This is just so wrong, wrong, wrong. How do these groups come to be? I really cant figure it out. Its not that hard to DPS, just hit crap, push all the buttons you can, I promise you will do better than the healer. Anyway that's enough for my rant.

Was thinking on an off topic for no apparent reason about respeccing. And I had the idea that Blizzard should change the way it works. When you pay to respec it should only unlock your trees instead of clearing them completely. This could be turned on and off if one choose by enabling and disabling the talent point preview in the options tab. What would be even better is to base the cost on how many points are changed but I understand how that would be more difficult to implement. But allowing us to simply unlock the tree is already in the game. It happens every time you level, just wouldn't be any added point when respeccing. This could be very useful for people only moving a point or two around and not completely changing there talents to another tree. Only thing is I don't really know how to get this idea out there to even see if anyone else would like it. Or if I could help to get it into the game. So for now it will just sit here lurking in internetville.

/nothing left for today

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