Monday, March 1


So I had every intention of posting once every day and I fell short on my second day of the blog being up. But I believe I had a very good excuse. I was able to get my priest to level 80 yesterday. Yeah me!

Now for the fun of gearing her up. First goal is to get enough gear to start doing heriocs. Got 4 epics already thanks to the 2 daily Triumph badges and some wonderful guildies running me through normal ToC. Can't wait for the first time I get some who kicks me because my gear isn't up to thier overpowered expectations. And when I do I will be sure to share it with everyone.

On another front I was able to get some RAM for my wifes laptop so that we can play together. That and maybe I can get my computer back without fighting for it. Now we just have to get her account open and upgraded. Then we can move her druid over and do some randoms together.

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  1. Its your own fault that you have to fight for your computer! your the one who gave me a druid and got me back into the game :P I love you!

    SxyNurse (aka: Amellais wife)