Friday, March 12



So the name of my blog here is Ramblings of an Altoholic, yet, I haven't really said much about alts. So I plan to get a list of all of my characters up on here. Now I have to do a couple things to make it work how I want. I first have to compile all off them which wouldn't seem hard but there are quite a few. Then I want the list to be on the side bar and I don't yet know how I am going to do that. But I will get it done in the next week.

I have been looking back over my post and noticed that my editorial skills are very lacking. I tend to type these up very quickly with the thoughts coming of the top of my head during my lunch break. So I get them posted up before I read back over them and that is making them difficult to read at times. Along with how scatter brained I can be. I am going to be working on my writing and editorial skills as well.

In game I don't really have any plans at the moment. Just want to enjoy my time I have for it. Though I did help my wife get started on the Netherwing rep today before work. She really wants one of the drakes. Problem is I had to get epic flying to be able to join her doing it. Ouch! Oh well I had it guess I should use it. I have also been working on a rogue who is now level 8. I want to try assassination out so bad. That and enhance shaman, so I think those will be my focus when I'm not work with my wife on her alt.

/puts plans in action

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