Friday, March 12

Heroic Idea


I know this is my second post in one night. While reading a post over at Killing'Em Slowly about making heroics more interesting, though, I had an old thought come to mind. And I need to get it down on Internet before I can concentrate again.

So in order to make heroics more interesting I want to make it a game. With placings and possibly prizes though I'm not sure I can afford that one. See our guild tank loves to laugh about how little damage he takes in heroics and with me being a disc priest I got to thinking. Lets play a game to see who can take the least amount of damage over an entire run. Now we cant just rate it by damage taken cause that's not really fair to the tank even with my bubbles. Cause after all he should be highest on the damage taken meter every time. So in order for everyone to have a chance I was thinking of using every ones preferred meters. Rank 1-5 on the damage taken, damage done, healing taken, and healing done meters. And on special fights friendly fire would be added in. Then you take every ones rankings and average them to come up with placings.

Some rules to it would be avoiding damage is your own responsibility except for the tank. Only the tank gets the bubbles. There will be one exception to this and that is on fights that has massive unavoidable damage where the shield will be completely used. Though I'm not sure that is fair yet. Will have to play with that. Not really sure if there is anything else that needs said because the meters kinda take care of the rest of it. You cant afk and DPS at the same time so if you avoid all damage you will be at the bottom of the DPS.

Now for the madness behind my method. My wife was able to see what I really wanted out of this as soon as I suggested it. If people are working to DPS their best while being aware of fires and not pulling aggro, what does that mean for raids? It should mean better situational awareness while being able to keep the DPS up. Which means people will get better at execution. Now are heroics the best place to teach this. Don't know yet to be honest but I feel it would make them more interesting anyway. Which is just as important for the many of us still needing Emblems for gear.

If anyone has suggestions on how to make this work better leave a comment. I could use all the extra ideas I can get.

/brain fried

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